It’s true. We couldn’t go more than a day or two without another one of our awesome advisors asking “why can’t I add the retirement map, stress test or risk/reward heatmap to my printed reports? What, are you not proud of these awesomely amazing Riskalyze features?”

The truth is, we’re incredibly proud of all these great features, but reports are a little more challenging to get updated since they affect compliance approval for so many of our advisors. We’re excited to announce that we’ve finally achieved most of those approvals, and the updated report are now live.

What Changed?

You can now optionally add stress tests…

…the Retirement Map…

…and the Risk/Reward Heatmap…

…to the report you print from your client profile. Just select the sections you’d like to include when you print the report, and you’re ready to go!

The new reports are live in most accounts today. However, keep in mind that report availability varies based on your broker/dealer or compliance department’s approvals. If you don’t see the updated report in your account by Friday, September 25, feel free to email support and ask us about your broker-dealer or compliance approvals in particular.

We’re excited to get the updated report launched and in your hands, so you can start using it with your clients. We love making great advisors look like superheroes to their clients…thanks for making it easy on us!

Your Friends at Riskalyze