We believe in the power of simplicity to make our tools beautiful, delightful and easy to use. As a result, we made a relatively minor change to our navigation this morning.

Our customers spend 95%+ of their time in Riskalyze on the Clients screen, which doubles as the “home” screen when you log in to Riskalyze Pro. So we’ve simplified it to look like this.

If you notice, we’ve done away with tabs at the top of the interface. If you click on the Riskalyze logo, you’ll return to the grid of clients as always. If you need a secondary function, like updating your model portfolios or logging out of the product, it’s located under a convenient menu.

You’ll also notice that when you create a new client record, the default is now “prospect” but it’s also just one click to create it as an active client.

A lot of these changes are laying the groundwork for a bunch of new features just around the corner. Stay tuned…we can’t wait to show you what’s next.