By: Michael Fisher
Product Manager, Riskalyze

As you know, tens of thousands of advisors have turned Riskalyze into the world’s #1 proposal generation engine, and it’s all due to the incredible work done by the professionals who craft proposals centered around a client’s Risk Number®.


Advisors love building proposals in Riskalyze because it allows them to propose the right portfolio with the perfect amount of risk and empowers clients and prospects to buy into their plan and invest fearlessly. So, how can you propose that perfect portfolio, prove your fiduciary care, and ensure your clients feel confident in that plan? I can’t wait to show you.


Today, we are launching the biggest update to proposal generation since its inception, and getting to what we call the “ACAT form moment” is about to get a whole lot easier.


With today’s update, you can now have multiple portfolio proposals in three different statuses: draft, completed, and selected. This enables you to present your clients with a variety of different proposal options, allowing them to move forward with the plan that suits them best.