After a pilot and hundreds of beta chat conversations, we’re excited to roll out a new feature that is unparalleled in the industry — when customers need our help, they can pop open a Live Chat and get answers quickly.

We’ve noticed how significant multitasking can be in support scenarios, so we’ve developed this solution to help our customers resolve issues even more seamlessly. The Riskalyze team can coach users while the customer stays hands-on in the platform. Users can ask questions, get answers and follow along in real time.

Financial services professionals don’t have time to wait on hold. Now customers don’t need to pick up a phone and call. There’s no need to fire us an email and wait. Our new chat window allows us to answer questions more swiftly than ever.

We’re still delighted to connect over the phone or email, but we think Live Chat will take interactions with our customers to the next level.

This feature is live for all Riskalyze solo and team customers immediately, and we’re looking forward to rolling out Live Chat to our enterprise customers in the future as well.

As we see the Risk Number® continue to spread through the industry at a rapid pace, we’re committed to scale our support services to equip every advisor for success. We want every Riskalyze interaction — in our products, an email, a phone call, or a quick live chat — to delight our customers.