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Today, we’re excited to announce an entirely new product, built to allow independent RIA firms to launch their own online service model, and stop sending their prospective clients to the online-only advisors trying to put them out of business.

Riskalyze Autopilot Enterprise allows you to take the same Riskalyze process you know and love — capturing the client’s Risk Number, comparing it with their current assets, and selecting a target portfolio — and embed it in your web site for simple self-service.

Paired with an account opening partner, like our launch partner Orion Advisor Services, your online clients can seamlessly open accounts with electronic signature.

Here’s today’s press announcement:

Orion and Riskalyze Announce New Products to Deliver a One-Click Online Business Model for Independent Advisors

Two new products form one integrated solution enabling advisors to build a sustainable competitive advantage over online-only investing services

OMAHA, Neb. and AUBURN, Calif., Oct. 28, 2014 - Orion Advisor Services, LLC (Orion) and Riskalyze today announced an expanded partnership with the coming launch of two new products: Orion Discover and Riskalyze Autopilot Enterprise. Together these new products form an integrated solution that empowers independent advisors to build a sustainable, competitive advantage over online-only investing and robo-advisor services.

“It seems a new robo-advisor starts up each week, but with the tools provided by Orion and Riskalyze, advisors can continue to offer clients better technology without worrying about the competition,” said Eric Clarke, CEO and President of Orion. “Discover and Autopilot Enterprise break down the barrier for traditional advisors to have a quality online prospect and new account experience, without the need to compromise on the value they provide to clients, or take a massive robo-advisor pay cut.”

While other online account opening services charge advisors upwards of 25 basis points, Discover comes at no additional cost to current Orion clients.

Orion provides advisors with a full online suite of portals, mobile apps, trading tools and full portfolio accounting. The latest entry, Discover, is the foundation that allows advisors to give their clients and prospects the ability to open a new account from anywhere on the Internet. Advisors can use their website or social media to direct them to Discover to start the new account process.

Riskalyze invented the Risk Number, helping advisors combine the power of Quantitative Risk Tolerance with Portfolio Analytics to win new clients, level-set client relationships and consistently beat client expectations.

“Online-only investing services have their place in the world, but independent advisors have a strong value proposition when they combine world-class technology with personal relationship and access for their clients,” said Aaron Klein, CEO at Riskalyze. “Riskalyze and Orion are empowering these advisors to build a profitable online channel to develop their future full-service client base.”

About Orion
Orion Advisor Services, LLC (Orion) is the premier portfolio accounting service provider for advisors. Our firm has unique insights into the advisory profession because it was founded for investment advisors by an investment advisor in 1999. Orion frees advisors from back-office tedium so they can enjoy their business again by devoting their time and energy to better serving clients. Orion provides the integrated and fully customizable technology solutions that advisors need to help grow their businesses over the long term. The firm’s technology solutions empower more than 500 advisory firms with total assets under administration in excess of $165 billion, from more than 780,000 individual accounts. For more information about Orion, visit or follow Orion at @orionadvisor.

About Riskalyze
Riskalyze is the company that invented the Risk Number™ and was named as one of the world’s ten most innovative companies in finance by Fast Company Magazine. Riskalyze works with advisors, independent broker-dealers, large RIAs, custodians, clearing firms and asset managers to align the world’s investments with investor risk tolerance. To learn more, visit, email, tweet @Riskalyze or call 1-855-RISKALYZE.