Today, we have another exciting announcement. Joshua Brown, known to the advisor community and feared by old line Wall Street as the “Reformed Broker,” has joined Riskalyze as a member of our advisory board.

Josh is Vice President of Fusion Analytics Investment Partners, authored “Backstage Wall Street,” pens the “Reformed Broker” blog, and it is rare to be able to glance at CNBC without seeing his glossy wonder-boy good looks filling up the screen.

At Fusion, Josh and his team use Riskalyze Pro to serve their clients as a fee-based registered investment advisory firm. Josh’s stance against the boiler room tactics of the Wall Street old guard were a visionary insight into the change now sweeping the industry to make advisors advocates and fiduciaries for their clients.

We’re incredibly excited to have Josh aboard and look forward to the insights he helps us uncover for advisors.