By Michael McDaniel, Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer at Riskalyze.

The amount of hype leading into last Friday’s Federal Reserve symposium in Jackson Hole was weak sauce. Haven’t we grown accustomed to days of op-eds and talking heads predicting the direction and tone of the Federal Reserve’s summerfest?

This got me curious – do advisors care? I won’t pontificate on why the the media was uninterested, but I did jump into some data to see if investment advisors using Riskalyze were doing any portfolio posturing and re-positioning.

I wanted to see if advisors using Riskalyze were, as a cohort, making ‘bets’ leading into the Federal Reserve’s meeting. I searched for week-over-week advisor use of a few investments to see what they were doing in anticipation of the event.

The punchline: Advisors couldn’t care less about the Federal Reserve’s party in Jackson Hole.