Introducing the All-New Advisor Marketing Kit
At Riskalyze, we love equipping advisors with technology solutions to empower fearless investors. Today, we’re proud to announce our all-new Advisor Marketing Kit.

What's inside? ⤵️

Client-Facing Video
We’re pleased to include a fully-animated client (investor) facing video into this all-new marketing kit. The video highlights how you’re using the Risk Number® to better serve your clients and empower fearless investing. We’ve also provided step-by-step instructions on how to embed this video into your website.




Want a Riskalyze poster for your office? This one’s on us. If you promise to use it, we’ll actually ship you a poster in your favorite size and style free of charge.

Press Release
We’ve included a pre-approved Riskalyze press release that you can customize with your company information and send out to local media. Issuing a press release can publicly set your practice apart from competitors and attract new leads.

Slideshow Presentation
This presentation — provided in Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote — is designed to help you walk a prospect or client through Riskalyze to help them understand how you use the tool as a key differentiator in your practice.

All-New Flyer
This client-facing brochure provides an overview of Riskalyze and its features. Use it with your prospects and customers to give them a high-level understanding of your risk alignment process.

Web & Social Media Strategies Guide
We’ll explore best practices for leveraging the Lead Generation Questionnaire, showcase examples of what other advisors have done on the web, and provide several sample social media posts to help you engage with clients and prospects alike.

Downloading the Advisor Marketing Kit

The new Advisor Marketing Kit is available exclusively for customers right inside the Riskalyze product. To download the marketing kit, sign into to Riskalyze, click the "help" toolbar on the right side of the home screen, and then click "Advisor Marketing Kit" to download it.


Any questions about how to use the kit to empower fearless investing? The industry’s best support team would love to help.

Team Riskalyze