Happy New Year! It’s January, and Riskalyze advisors everywhere are celebrating the first anniversary of a feature that was quite important this past year: the Interest Rate Stress Test. We thought we’d join the celebration by sharing some tips and stories about a few features Riskalyze advisors found indispensable last year.

The Risk Questionnaire was a catalyst for excellent and much-needed conversations between advisors and clients about risk and reward. Stronger relationships and deeper trust from their clients is a precious asset for an advisor building a practice.

The Investment Policy Statement greatly helped advisors with documenting their client meetings and explaining adjustments to portfolios. But more importantly, it brought clarity and understanding to clients used to their eyes glazing over when they tried to comprehend the typical advisor report.

And finally, let’s not forget the Interest Rate Stress Test. It helped many advisors show clients exactly how much a jump in interest rates could affect the bond allocation in their portfolios. When the true risk of bonds was factored in, it allowed advisors to better explain why stocks, alternatives or even cash were better choices, depending on client needs.

We love hearing the stories of the work that our advisors do every day to serve and protect their clients. Keep your stories coming! We look forward to being a small part of your success through 2014.