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Redtail and Riskalyze Launch Next-Generation Integration Partnership

Today, we’re excited to formally announce a great integration partnership between Riskalyze and Redtail. These two Sacramento-based technology companies are both focused on serving great financial advisors, and we can’t wait to see how our customers put this integration to work.

Here’s the press release…

SACRAMENTO — Redtail, the industry leader in advisor CRM, email and imaging, and Riskalyze, the company that invented the Risk Number, today announced a next-generation integration partnership that delivers incredible tools for advisors to grow their practices.

Under the integration partnership that is live for all Redtail and Riskalyze advisors, it’s simple to link one or more Redtail contacts into a Riskalyze client profile. On a nightly basis, the custodial assets sync over from Redtail into Riskalyze. In addition, the client’s Risk Number, and the risk score for their assets sync over to Redtail.

“We were definitely excited to roll out this integration for advisors using Redtail,” said Brian McLaughlin, CEO of Redtail Technology. “Riskalyze has introduced an incredibly efficient, accurate and user-friendly tool into the advisor tech sector that allows advisors to pinpoint their clients’ risk tolerance levels while also determining how much risk a given portfolio actually has. The integration is available now within all Redtail databases and can be sampled for a few clients, allowing advisors to see just how transformative this tool might be for their business.”

“We love the passion and excitement that we see in every Redtail advisor to make their business work for them, instead of the other way around,” said Aaron Klein, CEO at Riskalyze. “Redtail has built a truly advisor-centric approach to CRM that fits beautifully with the Riskalyze model of helping advisors win new clients with amazing risk analytics, and keep them by beating the expectations game.”

Redtail Technology is a leading provider of web-based Client Relationship Management (CRM), paperless office and email archiving solutions in the financial services industry. Easily affordable, easy to implement and offering integration with many of the industry’s most widely-used applications, Redtail is committed to providing financial advisors with the core technologies that drive their day-to-day operations. CRM is ultimately about not only acquiring and managing your clients and prospects – it’s also about servicing them and, in turn, extracting value from the relationships. At the same time, it’s about doing all of these things while simultaneously improving operational efficiency. Visit for more information.

Riskalyze is the company that invented the Risk Number™, the first-ever quantitative way to capture client risk tolerance, align portfolios to client expectations, and quantify the suitability of investments. Riskalyze works with RIAs, hybrid advisors, independent broker-dealers, RIA networks, custodians, clearing firms and asset managers to align the world’s investments with investor risk tolerance.

If you need assistance getting your Redtail and Riskalyze accounts connected, email We’re here to help!

900 High Street

2013 was a year of tremendous growth for Riskalyze. As our business grew and and we had the privilege of serving a rapidly growing base of advisors, our team grew quite a bit as well, with new Riskalyzers joining our Advisor Success, engineering and sales teams.

That growth drove us to start looking for a new building to house everyone, and we signed a lease for our new headquarters in December. After weeks of work to prepare the new space, our first day of operation at the 900 High Street building in Auburn is today.

A company’s workspace is reflective of its goals and aspirations. We believe 900 High is the perfect place to build a 100 Year Company. It’s a beautiful, expansive building that we now share with the local Bank of America branch. A combination of brick, exposed wooden columns and vaulted twelve foot ceilings give the space a deep sense of character.

If you visit, here’s the front lobby.

One of the key needs in our new location was a big, collaborative bullpen space for our engineering team to work together. We started in this room with a rose-colored wall.

We turned it into a charcoal-gray wall.

Then we added the Riskalyze icon to it.

Installed twenty feet of custom-made whiteboards.

And a row of screens to track the progress of our customers, our sales team, our support team and data center status.

Because we’re still a private company and those stats are confidential, the screens go into guest mode whenever a visitor is in the building.

Big, collaborative workspaces so our engineering team can work closely together as they build new features and support our customers.

Offices for those of us who spend a lot of our day on the telephone with customers and partners.

The main conference room, fully equipped for video conferences with the Riskalyzers who work remotely in other states.

We use the overhead projector to share what we’re working on, and the 40” LCD screen for the video conference. That, and our Logitech BCC950 Conference Camera have been great tools for productive meetings across distance.

Another conference room for smaller meetings or phone calls.

The lounge — a space for Riskalyzers to relax a little bit, play some games, or hide out during the Nerf wars that erupt from time to time. (The bean bag chairs haven’t arrived yet.)

And we don’t have photos handy, but there’s also more space for the team that helps develop Riskalyze advisors and make them successful, as well as a full kitchen and break room. (We stock every full-time Riskalyzer’s favorite soda, juice or tea as long as we can get it at a reasonable price.)

We don’t measure our success by the number of people on our team, or the number of square feet that we occupy. Instead, we measure success by the advisors we have the chance to serve, and the assets we get to impact.

Riskalyze is a company on a mission, and that’s why we’re excited to have this new headquarters building. It’s a tool that we’ll be using quite a bit to achieve our mission of aligning the world’s investments with investor risk tolerance. Thanks for being a part of that journey with us.

The Next-Generation Risk Questionnaire

After hundreds of hours of design, development, advisor input and usability testing, we’re excited to announce the launch of the next-generation Riskalyze risk questionnaire.

There are three big innovations in the next-generation Risk Questionnaire.

Two Versions of the Questionnaire. You’ve seen our existing quantitative approach, built on Nobel Prize-winning science, that captures a detailed Risk Fingerprint for each client. Now advisors can choose a simplified version for clients who might be elderly or have simpler needs. And it’s just as easy as ever to engineer portfolio risk to fit those clients.


RQ, Phone Home. Now your clients can answer the Risk Questionnaire with a few taps on their iPhone, Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy, Moto X or other Android device. It’s a beautiful design, and if they get stuck, they can email or call your office with a single tap. (Of course, the Risk Questionnaire has always worked on iPad or Android tablets.)


Using Risk to Generate Leads. With a simple link or a few lines of code, you can embed the Risk Questionnaire into your own web site, creating a new way for prospective clients to engage with your firm, send you their risk tolerance, and ask for a portfolio analysis to see if they’re on the right track. With a few clicks, your web site transforms from a brochure into an active tool that generates new business.


The new Risk Questionnaire is live for all Riskalyze customers as of today. The Lead Generation version will be activated for customers over the course of the next week.

To join a guided tour and see Riskalyze in action, just click here to RSVP.

Pathway and Riskalyze Partner to Align 401Ks with Investor Risk Tolerance

We’re excited to announce yet another new partner. It’s not every day that two companies in the same city get the chance to make history together. We’re proud to be working with Pathway, which was founded by the co-CEOs of the iconic Hanson McClain Advisors.

SACRAMENTO — Two Sacramento-area firms, Pathway Strategic Advisors and Riskalyze, today announced they have formed a strategic partnership intended to revolutionize the way retirement plans are invested. Pathway is rolling out Riskalyze Pro as the business development, proposal and risk management system for all of Pathway’s retail channel advisors.

Pathway was founded by Scott Hanson and Pat McClain, co-CEOs and founders of the Sacramento-based investment advisory firm Hanson McClain Advisors, known for innovative practice management and investment solutions. Pathway was created to help participants with 401(k), 403(b) and 457 retirement accounts maximize the money in their employer-sponsored defined contribution plans.

Riskalyze’s patented Risk Number™ technology will assess the risk tolerance of each Pathway client, allowing solicitor advisors to more precisely align those clients with their closest Pathway model portfolio. Riskalyze will also help Pathway advisors to better demonstrate the relative risk between clients’ existing 401(k) allocations and the benefits that the Pathway approach can bring to their investments.

"Riskalyze is yet another example of how Pathway is committed to combining high quality investments with the latest technology to deliver a sustainable advantage to our clients and advisor network," said Scott Hanson. "It’s long past time that 401(k) investors had the same level of access to professional investment advice as do general market investors, and Pathway is committed to helping them receive that level of guidance."

"Scott Hanson and Pat McClain are well known both locally and nationally," said Riskalyze CEO Aaron Klein, adding, "We’re proud to partner with such an innovative team, working through both the retail and advisory channels to strengthen this country’s retirement future."

Riskalyze is the company that invented the Risk Number™, the first-ever quantitative system for identifying client risk tolerance, aligning portfolios to client expectations, and quantifying the suitability of investments. Riskalyze works with RIAs, hybrid advisors, independent broker-dealers, RIA networks, custodians, clearing firms and asset managers to better align investments with the tolerances and expectations of individual investors.

CONCERT and Riskalyze Partner to Create the Risk-Aware Advisor

We were pleased to jointly issue this press release with yet another great firm that we’re excited to be partnered with. Felipe and his team at CONCERT are some of the best in our industry.

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA and SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA — CONCERT Advisor Services, one of the industry’s fast-growing advisor services platforms, and Riskalyze, the company that invented the quantitative Risk Number™, today announced a new partnership to bring the benefits of Riskalyze technology to CONCERT advisors.

Riskalyze was founded in 2011, and its patented Risk Number technology allows advisors to quantitatively capture a client’s risk tolerance, align client portfolios with their expectations, and scientifically quantify the suitability of investments for clients.

CONCERT is an innovative firm that combines an advisory network with a unique advisory services and technology platform. With drag-and-drop portfolio integration between Riskalyze and the custodial platform used by CONCERT advisors, the firm’s advisors can instantly realign portfolios to fit individual client needs.

"The opportunity to work with CONCERT is an exciting one," said Riskalyze CEO Aaron Klein. "Felipe and his team are building the next generation platform for advisors, and we’re excited they saw Riskalyze as a key piece of their puzzle."

Riskalyze technology will also help CONCERT advisors to grow AUM, by helping to turn a prospect’s existing statement into the best sales tool advisors have ever seen. Because clients play a role in generating their own Risk Number, the ability for advisors to illustrate relative risk between portfolios is a powerful tool for bringing on new business.

"Riskalyze is yet another example of how we’re equipping our advisors to be leaders in the industry," said Felipe Luna, CEO of CONCERT. "From our CRM platform, to the back office and compliance support, to our entire network of advisors, we’re built for growth and helping advisors achieve great results for their clients."

Advisors can join a guided tour of Riskalyze at, or call toll free at 1-855-2-RISKALYZE. Advisors interested in joining the CONCERT family can visit

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